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Following this unpredictable period that has affected every sector worldwide, the economy and our behaviors have changed. D’Andrea has realized that during this moment they weren’t able to stay in touch with their clients due to the stop of travels. Therefore, D’Andrea has decided to take over social media channels.

 We choose to join three of the most used social media in order to be one step closer to our clients and distributors, to create awareness around our brand.

Our LinkedIn page is the most institutional one, here you will find constant updates on what happens in the company, the events, the tradeshows we attend to.

Then we decided to push our brand on the most used platform which is Facebook. On this social media, you will find the Fun Fact column, in which D’Andrea will reveal all its curiosity.

And finally, the Youtube channel, where we will download videos, tutorials based exclusively on our products.

Our goal is to meet the demand of our customers that want to be in touch with their brands in a non-formal communication. Visit and follow us to be constantly updated on the latest news.