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The new BHT boring system - the latest in the D'Andrea family - is the right tool for roughing and finishing of large diameters. Available in two sizes, it allows the machining of holes from 250 to 750 mm and its range will soon be added a third base to further expand the working field.

Cartridge holder bar

The system is characterized by a body on which a bar is fixed, which allows the insertion and adjustment of the rough cartridges and then gives the possibility to use carbide inserts in the most famous ISO shapes and geometries (CCMT12, CNMG12, SNMG15, TNMG22).

Distribution of coolant

A dedicated kit allows the coolant to reach the cutting line through a series of small tubes that from the cone machine reach the insert.

MHD attachment for perfect concentricity

For finishing you do not need to buy dedicated heads because, by inserting 2 bases opposed to our well-known MHD' mount, you can mount on one side the note TRM63 and on the opposite side, use a counterweight base always with MHD' connection.
This configuration balances the machining and allows a perfect concentricity of the hole and realization of the required tolerance.

New modular HT system to connect the BHT system to the machine cone 

The HT system is characterized by a very high resistance to torsion thanks to its shape that recalls the truncated-conical shape of the modular system PSC. HT8 system connections are available for all types of machines on the market (DIN 69871, MAS403BT, HSK, PSC and MHD adapters).
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