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Modular Toolholders PSC

It’s a line of high-precision modular toolholders used to perform boring, milling and drilling operations with extreme flexibility and rigidity on lathes, machining centers, and boring machines.

The strength of the PSC system is the polygon-shank coupling compliant with the ISO 26623 standard and available in four sizes.

It guarantees the interchangeability of all elements of the system, which includes arbors, extensions, reductions and toolholder adapters (ER collet chucks and ultra-tight MONOFORCE toolholders).

​The program integrates with the MHD' boring line.

arbors, extensions and reductions

ARBORS made in 4 different sizes PSC 40-50-63 and 80 are manufactured in carburized steel, hardened and ground to AT3. BALANCING at 8.000 RPM.

PSC - PR For each PSC size there are extensions of different lengths that can be used to achieve the desired machining depths.

PSC - RD The reductions allow the use of PSC components of a smaller size thereby optimizing the composition of the tool according to the overall dimensions.

Roughing Heads TS

PSC - TS Simple and extremely rigid roughing heads thanks to the serrated surfaces between the head body and the bit holders. The constant distance between the bit holder clamping screw and the cutting edge guarantees the stability of the system.

USE Roughing and semi-finishing operations.

Cutting edges might be adjusted on a pre-setting bench and PSC - TS heads can be used in three different configurations:

  • two SSCC bit holders aligned and on the same diameter for roughing operations with high feedrate;
  • one SSCC bit holder and one SMCC bit holder staggered and on a different diameter for roughing operations with high depth of cut;
  • only one bit holder for light roughing or semi-finishing operations.

Micrometric Heads TRM

The PSC - TRM heads allow high precision machining and excellent surface finish in IT6 grade of tolerance. 

The adjustment sensitivity of 1 micron on the radius is easily readable on the vernier scale and can also be performed in the machine.

Testarossa KIT

The TESTAROSSA KITs are supplied in a box with a wide range of toolholders, tools, inserts, and service spanners and allow great flexibility for the working range.


Program of D’Andrea modular adapters with PSC connection that satisfies the various processing needs related to milling, drilling and tapping.

PSC - PE: Collet chucks to DIN 6499 sizes ER 16, ER 25 and ER 32 including axial adjustment screw. Supplied without collets.

PSC - FORCE: Ultra-light toolholder FORCE.

PSC - PF: Universal milling cutter-holders for disc cutters and facing cutters.

PSC – MHD’: adapters to integrates PSC to with complete MHD' line

PSC - NS: Semi-finished toolholders for special tools with hardened and ground PSC coupling part and cylindrical part with hardness HRc 42.

Turning Toolholders

TCD’ is the turning tools line made according to the ISO 26623-1 PSC standards for Application on MULTI-TASK machines.

The TCD’ program consists of turning tools adapters.

The TCD’ line is prepared with the coolant way.

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