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Autoradial (AR)

Automatic facing heads that can be applied on machining centers and NC machines without the need for an electronic interface or interlock.

They perform automatic working cycle without ever stopping the rotation of the spindle.

Particularly suitable for machining of seats for elastic rings and spiral cutting.

Built in 2 models, AR 125 and AR 160, have an automatic feed and a rapid return. To change the feed of the slide there can be provided interchangeable gear blocks, optional, with feeds in mm/rev of : 0,05, 0,1, 0,2, 0,3, 0,4, 0,5, 0,6 and a rapid return of 0.80 mm/rev.

The interchangeable arbor adopts the same fixing as the modular MHD' system. A simple attachment of the toolholders to the slide facilitates the production of special toolholders.

The AUTORADIAL heads automatically perform a cycle work of facing, back facing, internal and external seat for elastic rings and O-ring, spiral cutting on flange.

The cycle is made by an automatic feed and a rapid return of the slide without ever stopping or reverting the rotation of the spindle. For cycle reset merely reverse the spindle rotation for a few revolutions.

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