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TA-Sensitiv 2

TA-Sensitiv 2


Boring and facing heads, applicable to milling, boring and radial drills with possibility of manual adjustments during machine stops and automatic feeds during the revolution of the machine spindle.

It’s possible to carry out external and internal facing operations, backward operations, cylindrical and conical borings, internal and external grooves, turnings and chamfers.

The arbor is interchangeable and, thanks to the MHD' adapter, it allows the use of all available arbors from the MHD' modular system.

The TA-S2 heads can be applied to the machine tools through the driving arbor and an anti-rotation stop block. For heavy machining it’s recommended to apply a flange.

On the dovetail slide, in addition to the P95 - P140 universal toolholder for boring and facing, a wide range of toolholders of the Testarossa TRM 63/80 and TRM 80/125 heads are applicable.

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