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A family, 70 years of history, 3 generations, a company based on the experience and quality of its products, recognized worldwide for its innovation and technology.

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The new BHT boring system - the latest in the D'Andrea family - is the right tool for roughing and finishing of large diameters. Available in two sizes, it allows the machining of holes from 250...


Sabato 26 novembre abbiamo trascorso un’indimenticabile “giornata-evento” presso la nostra sede di Lainate, con la partecipazione di 140 visitatori.
L’evento, organizzato con i nostri Partner Ufficiali Redaelli e 3 Erre, ha permesso a tutti di conoscere il mondo D’Andrea.
Presentazione dei nuovi prodotti, visita agli uffici ed all’unità produttiva, test di lavorazione su differenti Macchine Utensili e, infine, un magnifico pranzo a base di grigliata e birra: questi gli ingredienti di una ricetta di successo per la nostra Azienda.

Una giornata davvero indimenticabile! Per questo, diciamo: “GRAZIE A TUTTI I PRESENTI”. 
Vi aspettiamo ancora: le “porte D’Andrea sono sempre aperte”. Alla prossima!

New headquarters

In the Lainate headquarters, there are the company offices and the management. Here we idealize the product, we design it and we produce, and we work it until we get the final product. Our headquarters in Molise, on the other hand, deals with the production of semi-processed products.

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In our production center, we also have built our showroom where customers can test directly our products. These tests can be done during events open to the public such as the Open House or during private sessions dedicated to the single client in order to create and develop ad hoc appointments and tests.

D'Andrea is committed to the continuous training of its employees and its customers. A new area has been built and dedicated exclusively for the training sessions, here clients and workers can be updated with the new products and furniture D’Andrea can offer.

Our technical bureau is constantly looking for advanced technological solutions, developing new projects and products according to the needs of the market, and realizing special requests.