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Boring & facing heads

U-TRANSFER are boring and facing heads with axial driving for mass production application on transfer machines, drilling nits and special purpose machines. The slide feed is controlled by a drawbar joined to a driving unit located in the spindle rear area and directly managed by machine CNC.

U-TRANSFER heads are used for inner, outer and undercut facing operations, inner and outer turning operations, grooves, phonographic spirals, straight and taper threads, profiling thanks to the interpolation with all the machine tool axes. The tool holder slide of the U-TRANSFER head is mechanically driven by the axial drawbar with rack and two pinions, joined to the slide, with manual adjustment of backlash.

The movement accuracy assured by the tight tolerances of grinding operations on the parts together with the special heat treatments to reach high surfaces hardness and low friction coefficient. U-TRANSFER heads are equipped with coolant thru. The pulling force of drawbar depends on the spindle rpm, slide stroke position and tool weight.

To work with U-TRANSFER head, the machine tool must be prepared with properly dimensioned spindle supports and with a driving unit to control the drawbar.

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