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Balanceable tool holders

The use of toprun balanceable tool holders provides the following advantages:

  • A considerable extension of spindle bearings life
  • A considerable extension of tool life
  • Improved accuracy and surface finish
  • Drastic reduction of vibrations and noise level of the machining center

For high-speed machines with toprun tool holders, the two counterweights in the graduated groove (patented) have to be positioned following the indications provided by the electronic balancing units.

A quick and easy balancing of the tool holders complete with tension rod and tool according to the ISO 1940/1 standards.

For machining up to 8.000rpm, it is sufficient to position the counterweights at 0° and at 360°.


The balancing operation has the aim to bring the original unbalance “U” within the maximum admissible level “G”. The manufacturers of high-speed milling machines usually prescribe a balancing level “G” or “G.” for the tool holders to be used on their machines according to the ISO 1940/1 standards.

Specifically, the original unbalance “U” of the tool and tool holders is neutralized by the resulting centrifugal force “C” produced by the two balancing masses “T1” and “T2”.

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