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Monod' CT

Monod' CT

The Thermal Shrinking

"CT" is the system that exploits the thermal expansion of the spindle-base allowing the insertion of tools in carbide or HSS.

The cooling brings the final part of the tool holder back to its original size, thus blocking tools that can be used for operations such as hole openings from solid with high speeds. Maximum concentricity accuracies are obtained within 3 microns. All tool holders are design balanced at 25,000 pm.

The advantages of these finishes are:

  • improved finishing of processed surfaces
  • longer tool life
  • high stability of the tool-holder system
  • maintenance of the machine spindle and bearings

They exist in three different lengths: short, medium, and long, with different diameters ranging from 6mm to 25mm and 32mm for larger attachments. There are also shrink extensions, for tools with a shank from 3mm to 20mm that allow reaching high machining changes, make it possible to pass through small spaces and finally, there is the possibility of having the version with axial adjustment for setting the tool overhang.

The Monod' CT range has the following products: HSK-A 63 and 100 (DIN 69893), PSC 63 and 80 (ISO 26623-1), or the polygon connection, DIN 69871 AD+B 40 and 50 and MAS 403 BT 40 and 50 AD+BSI.

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