The 30th edition of the BI-MU, the Machine Tool biennial fair, will be held at the Fiera di Milano, Rho exhibition complex. The fair, in which D’ANDREA S.p.A. has always taken part, is now a historic event for Italian machine design.
What can the visitors see at the D’ANDREA stand?
In addition to the extensive platform of boring and facing heads, they can see all complete families of monolithic toolholders, the extensive platform of toolholders aligned under heat, the famous modular system of MHD toolholders and a series of new products, developed by D’ANDREA in the last period, all of real interest with advanced technological solutions.
The BU-MU will enable D’ANDREA to present and consolidate its new products, with a particular focus on the new modular line of toolholders with PSC coupling (ISO 26623-1) and a special focus on the extension of the TR-Elettra range, proposing the new TR-Elettra 32 and TR-Elettra 40.
Since its introduction, TR-Elettra has proven to be highly competitive, both in technological and competitive terms, placed in the market with a very interesting price. The well-known features have generated a strong interest in all world markets, promoting D’ANDREA for continued support to the project of extension of innovative digital technology.
The new TR-Elettra 32 and 40 are part of a platform of boring digital heads, that enable machining of diameters, from Ø 2.5 up to Ø 2.800 mm.
The working range of digital heads which make up the TR-Elettra platform is defined as follows:
TR-Elettra 32: working range from Ø 35 mm to Ø 51 mm.
TR-Elettra 40: working range from Ø 48 mm to Ø 64 mm.
TR-Elettra 50: working range from Ø 2.5 mm to Ø 110 mm.
TR-Elettra 63: working range from Ø 6 mm to Ø 125 mm.
TR-Elettra 80: working range from Ø 6 mm to Ø 200 mm.
TR-Elettra 200: working range from Ø 200 mm to Ø 2.800 mm, (with BPS 200-1600)
A very wide diametrical cover, for a unique Italian product with exceptional characteristics.
The D’ANDREA 2017 General Catalogue will be presented at the BI-MU.
We look forward to seeing you at Pavillion 11, Stand D10.


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