D’ANDREA WORKSHOP event on 5th May 2017

The event we held on Friday, 5th May together with OPEN MIND and Mitsubishi, was indeed a great success. From 9.00 in the morning to 17.30 hours in the evening to a hundred visitors was shown our production facility in Lainate (MI), our guests have alternated in several conferences, at the visit of the plant and machine tools dedicated to working tests in our “test room”.
The highlight of the workshop was the demonstration on the machine, presented by Technicians of three partner companies. Processing includes: external roughing, 5-axis helicoidal drilling, internal roughing with trochoidal milling, barrel finishing and deep drilling with points 30-times the diameter. managed to prove that even on the machine tools – and not just with the theory – how important it is a machining strategies to guarantee maximum efficiency in chip removal, always taking into account sustainability and safety.
High performance machining will be demonstrated, thanks to advanced solutions of our partner companies: the OPEN MIND hyperMILL® MAXX Machining high performance package, the VFX5, ARP, Cool-star, MVS and Mps1 Mitsubishi blades, the D’ANDREA Tightening and Heat Sealing Spindles.
It was a fantastic day in every respect embellished by what our buffet offers, a lunch on the farm and a pleasant aperitif in closure which has allowed our guests to compete in a comfortable and relaxed environment.
All the participants, having left, have been positively affected by the efficiency with which the event was organized, allowing more than one hundred visitors to meet their curiosity without ever having to resort to management issues.
It was a "special" day and the merit of that success belongs to each of the people who, alternately, took part in the conferences, visited our production plant and witnessed the processing tests. The three exhibiting companies D’ANDREA, Mitsubishi, OPEN MIND were all protagonists, working without any sort of separation. There has been total collaboration between those who have exposed and who wanted to know our work.
It was therefore a wonderful day at the sign of "participation and integration" between different groups who worked together. For all this we thank our guests, hoping to see them all again so that we can show once again with renewed pride this little jewel of the Italian industry called D'Andrea S.p.A.


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