D’ANDREA WORKSHOP event on 5th May 2017

Maximum efficiency in chip removal: 5-axis helicoidal drilling, 3-way axial trocoid milling and deep punching.

Machining strategies will be presented during the day on stainless steel (AISI316L) on a 5-axis machine.
The highlight of the workshop is the demonstration on the machine, presented by Technicians of three partner companies. Processing includes: external roughing, 5-axis helicoidal drilling, internal roughing with trochoidal milling, barrel finishing and deep drilling with points 30-times the diameter.
High performance machining will be demonstrated, thanks to advanced solutions of our partner companies: the OPEN MIND hyperMILL® MAXX Machining high performance package, the VFX5, ARP, Cool-star, MVS and Mits1 Mitsubishi blades, the D’Andrea Tightening and Heat Sealing Spindles.


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