Meeting with Machine Tool Manufacturers of the Czech Republic

On 23 June, we spent the whole day with a large number of representatives of the most important machine tool manufacturers in the Czech Republic.
Because our representatives arrived late on 22nd and departed on the morning of 24th, we utilised the entire day discussing tools, tool holders, and D’Andrea electronic heads.
Ta-Center, Ta-Tronic, U-Tronic, U-Comax, were the main topics of exploration with our specialists. There were discussions on how to apply them on the machine tools, how to use them, their characteristics and limitations, and how to connect them to the numerical control. These are just a few of the topics covered, investigated, and that generated interest with our machine builders. We also held several demonstration tests, performing on large pieces and various processes, otherwise unthinkable without D'andrea heads. It was a great day, and we strengthened our longstanding and well-established, positive relationship with everyone.
What better way to do this, over discussing our ‘Queens’ and ‘State of the art’ products like our D’Andrea heads?


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